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The Channel Islands

For some sailors it seems like the Channel Islands have long been one of the best kept secrets in their nautical almanac. Situated just 60 miles from the Solent, this stunning group of islands provide a hugely varied mixture of pristine beaches, stunning coastline and historic little ports and towns. What is more, there is no better way to explore these beautiful islands than by yacht. As soon as you turned your back on the sheltered waters of the Solent and are watching the Isle of Wight slowly recede over the horizon you will feel the thrill of visiting foreign shores, while the moment you catch sight of these peaceful little islands and their dramatic coastline you know that there is adventure in store.

Our week long cruises generally head to the lovely island of Guernsey and few can fail to be seduced by the relaxed pace of life of this unique place. The French and British have long bickered over who owns the Channel Islands and although the British ultimately prevailed, there is an indefinable French influence. This is nowhere more evident than in the exquisite cuisine available at many of the restaurants. Wander through the narrow streets and breathe in the unique ambience of this place, or head out along the breakwater to Castle Cornet, part of the island’s extensive fortifications. Whatever you do, be sure to retire to one of the many waterfront eateries and bars for the evening, sit back and chill with a glass of Chablis.

The islands surrounding Guernsey are every bit as fascinating and, although it is only a short hop to the island of Herm, be prepared to step back in time. Only accessible by boat, this tiny island has no cars and absolutely no stress. The horse and cart is king here and from the moment you step ashore and wander along the miles of pristine beaches, you will be drawn under the spell of this lovely place. You may be only a couple of day’s sail from the Solent, but you are truly in a foreign land which exudes romance and mystery.

Other nearby attractions include the equally charming Island of Sark, which offers many miles of the most spectacular walking imaginable, with miles of rugged coastline to enjoy and marvel at, while the huge tides which race past the Channel Islands mean that at low water there are literally miles of golden sands to explore and enjoy. These islands are also a nature lovers delight. At the end of a week of exploring these delightful islands, there is still the exhilarating pleasure of a fast run back to the Solent, running before the south west winds and laughing swells of the Channel. A week sailing the Channel Islands is more than just a treat, it’s a revelation and you will arrive back promising that it will not be long before you return to these exotic foreign islands that sit overlooked on our own doorstep.

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