Channel Crossing

Date: 27-Jul-2016

HANSE-575-AmarooA stag do doesn’t just have to be about about high jinks and drinks, and with our channel crossing option it can be transformed into a true voyage of discovery. This is a stag do with a difference and something for those who want to appreciate the joy and adventure that comes with yacht cruising.

Arriving in the picturesque village of Hamble late on Friday afternoon, you’ll be introduced to your skipper crew and, most important of all, the beautiful, sleek 50′ yacht which will be taking care of you for the weekend. Slipping the lines late on a summer evening, you’ll head out into the Solent and as you watch the verdant coast of the Isle of Wight slip by you’ll feel the age old thrill of being bound for foreign shores.

By sundown you’ll be off the Nab Tower at the eastern tip of the Isle of Wight and pointing your bows over the horizon toward France. As the sun sinks below the horizon it’s time for a quick nightcap and a bit of banter with the stag. A cross channel cruise is a great chance to get a really good feel for the joy of yacht cruising and the skipper will ensure you feel totally at home as you settle in for your first night watch: Just you, your mates, the sea and the stars.

Night watches will be divided up so you get plenty of sleep, and the chances are you will be snoozing blissfully when the coast of France rises into view in the early dawn light. There is no better way celebrate arriving in France than with fresh croissants, coffee and baguettes fresh from the boulangerie, but if that is special, then our arrival port of Deauville adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole thing. Nestled on the Normandy coast, this beautiful little port has garnered a reputation for being a little bit special. It’s no coincidence that Yves Saint Laurent has a house here and one glance at the picturesque mainstreet with its chi chi boutiques tells you everything you need to know about this exclusive little resort.

Now, browsing boutiques may not be top of most stag’s priorities, but Deauville is also legendary for its horse racing and beautiful old casino where French high society generally retire for a spot of gambling over a few cognacs. If that wasn’t enough, the coast is particularly beautiful around here and is rightly known as la cote fleurie – the flowery coast – by the French. You have all of Saturday to explore the beautiful beaches if you wish, although the most popular option is a day at the world renowned races followed by a visit to the casino. Round that off with a few snifters of the local Calvados and you have your perfect stag night.

The following morning, bleary heads are soon forgotten as lines are slipped and we point our bows homeward. This time you get to enjoy the excitement of a cross channel trip in daylight all the while picking up invaluable tips on seamanship from your skipper. All in all, there can be few stag dos which will provide such a life affirming variety of activities.

A weekend you and your friends will never forget.

Package includes:

  • High performance yacht (Hanse 54) ORC ISAF Cat. 1 coded
  • Giant spinnaker & full Racing Sails
  • All matching Gill sailing waterproofs provided
  • Overnight mooring fees
  • BBQ
  • All accommodation
  • All diesel
  • Hostess