Date: 12-Aug-2014

ROUND BRITAIN & IRELAND RACEStorming up the east coast, Sailing GB’s yacht Saga eases into third place in her class

Day two and the racers are starting to find their feet while the yachts stretch their legs and prepare for the crucial and tactically challenging run across the Thames Estuary and up the east coast.Never mind that the giant Musandam Oman Sail is already off Muckle Flugga and running at 20 knots, the real racing is down in IRC 1 where Sailing GB’s Saga  is fighting gamely to hang on to the shirt tails of the downwind flier, La Promesse and the Simpson 42 Palapatine. The Class 40 Arwen  is snapping at their heels.  Let’s see how they fare now they have turned the first corner!  

Other than that, day two is all about recovering from day one and licking collective wounds. The weather has claimed some major scalps, including Knox Johnston’s Grey Power , which retired damaged,. Those still in the game grit their teeth and dig in for victory.